Tainted Alicorn

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Tainted Alicorns differ from Alicorns in the following ways:

  • A Tainted Alicorn is required to take all three racial levels of Alicorn.
  • A Tainted Alicorn must choose one of three colors: Blue, Green, or Purple. This represents the Tainted Alicorn’s Breed (and the color of their coat and mane).

They gain the following traits:

  • Taintborn: Born in the image desired by the Goddess and mixed from Taint, Tainted Alicorns gain the benefits of being immune to the Taint of Maripony. They gain a +2 bonus on all saving throws against mutating from their form. This bonus is doubled on saving throws against other variants of Taint.

However, due to the aberrant nature of their biology, they are treated as aberrations for all spells and effects targeting aberrations.

  • Child of the Glow: Tainted Alicorns were born during the initial bombing that destroyed Equestria. As such, they are immune to the negative effects of Radiation. They also experience increased healing from the effects of radiation. This results, when they take damage, in a Tainted Alicorn gaining an amount of Fast Healing equal to their Rads divided by one hundred (rounded down). For instance, Emerald Blitz has 350 Rads. When she takes damage, she gains Fast Healing 3. For every point of damage healed in this way, the Tainted Alicorn loses twice as many rads. Should the Tainted Alicorn ever have more than 1000 rads, she becomes a Super Alicorn until she drops below 1000 rads.

Every hour, a Tainted Alicorn loses 2—rads. Should the Tainted Alicorn have run out of Rads, she must make a Will Save with a DC of 10, increasing by 1 for every hour the Tainted Alicorn has no radiation. Should the Tainted Alicorn fail this saving through, they take a -1 penalty (which stacks with itself) to all mental stats. Should the Tainted Alicorn reach 0 in a mental stat from this penalty, they gain the Insane condition, until such time as they can gain Radiation. In which case, a Heal spell (or other effect which can cure the Insane condition) will return them to normal. If the Alicorn gains radiation before the penalties reduce a mental stat to 0, every hour they have radiation will remove 1 point of penalties from their mental stats.

  • Tainted Alicorns lose access to Arcane Assault.
  • Tainted Alicorns gain access to the spell Alicorn Shield. This is a spell-like ability, used at-will.
  • Depending on Breed, Tainted Alicorns gain access to an additional racial spell. This is a spell-like ability, used at-will:
Breed Spell
Blue Alicorn Invisibility
Green Alicorn Telepathy
Purple Alicorn Teleportation

Tainted Alicorn

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